Tell Me Your Dreams

In 2010 Marcellin and his daughter Malina Simard-Halm wrote and published a book, Tell Me Your Dreams – a dream journal. It’s illustrated with the art of Marcellin Simard. The book opens a window to access both dreams and nightmares, combining story with art. Tell Me Your Dreams is a bizarre and fantastic dreamscape of strange worlds filled with mysterious, and often frightening, creatures. The book’s purpose is to help readers begin their individual dream journeys by encouraging them to record, draw, and interpret their own complex dream states.
Marcellin is currently working on his second book.

Shamless Boy

Excerpt from Tell Me your Dreams
I was in an orphanage. There were at least a hundred kids in a large room, all in bunk beds. Everyone appeared awake but no one was crying. It was bedtime. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was about nine years old. I had the very unhappy feeling that I belonged nowhere.
Christmas was coming. I still belived in Santa Clause. I found a gift catalogue and started looking at it. To my amazement, I saw a doll with long blonde hair and a flourescent pink gown. The doll was wearing a wide gold belt, a pearl necklace, and red shoes. I became obsessed with that doll. I tore the page from the catalog and hid it in my secret hiding place. I wondered how I would ever get enough money to buy it.
Six months later I had saved enough money, but when I went to get it, to my surprise it wasn’t there. A note written in red lipstick had replaced it. It read, “You are a sissy. You are going to burn in hell.” I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.
The next day I was swimming in the ocean far from the shore. when I looked at my body, I seem to be at least twenty years of age. A lifeguard yelled to me. I called back that I didn’t need his help.
I woke up a bought myself a doll like the one in my dream. I placed it in my locker with my basketball and tennis racquet. I couldn’t care less about what anyone would say. To my surprised, nobody made any comments.

In the May issue 2010, of THE Magazine, Tell Me your Dreams, were featured in the Writings section. Click here to read


The Self Portrait Project

In 2010 Marcellin also participated in the Self Portrait Project organized by Art House Co-op. Art House Co-op is a gallery based in Brooklyn, NY that organizes international art projects that connects thousands of artists together via its website.
The show was held at Brooklyn Art Library, NY.

Selfportrait I, oil on board, 2010.